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Welcome to Michigan Lakes!

We are all about Michigan lakes. Life on, in and near Michigan's lakefront brings a richness that rewards for a lifetime. Have a story or comments on your experience? You can be one of the first to share it with the world on our Michigan lake directory.

Images of Grand Mere


All along the west coast of Lower Michigan, from its southern shores to its windy northern points, a vast tract of sandy beaches and dunes has created a landscape like no other—austere, often otherworldly, always beautiful. Swimmers, sun worshipers, and kite fliers use much of it to good advantage, crowding the state parks along Lake Michigan in the summertime, and pricey homes stand like sentinels along many miles of wooded dune tops.

But there are also places where you can go and find plenty of peace and quiet. Grand Mere State Park by Stevensville, Michigan, is such a place. Go there and you can find enough people to keep you from feeling totally isolated, but also enough space to find all the solitude you could hope for if you want it. Located off of I-94, eight miles south of Benton Harbor at exit 22, the 985-acre park includes a lovely little picnic area and playground situated on the southern side of North Lake. Farther south, a half-mile-long nature trail winds through the woods along South Lake toward a long stretch of open sand dunes and, ultimately, to the beach.

Written by Robert Hartig.

Michigan Lake Information, Blogs & Articles


Roast and Toast
article thumbnail

On our most recent trip  to Petoskey,  the moment we spotted the Roast and Toast on East Lake Street, we knew it was a place we had to try. The coffee shop/café is located in an old brick building, but stands out because of the brightly colored mugs and plates surrounding the entrance  [ ... ]

article thumbnail

Stonehenge: Webster defines it as a prehistoric stone structure in Salisbury Plain, England. WLL defines it as interesting yard art located just outside of Grand Haven Michigan.  

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Warranty Deeds
article thumbnail

There are several types of deeds; warranty, quit claim, tax, gift grant, and deed in lieu of foreclosure. In Michigan, the grantor (seller) transfers title to the grantee (buyer) with a document called a warranty deed. A warranty deed has three main guarantees:
1. The grantor states that he o [ ... ]

Acre: What is it?
article thumbnail

What is an acre? 1.  A city in Israel, one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. 2.  An acre is a unit of measure for determining the size of a parcel of land. An acre consists of 43,560 square feet of land. An acre could be formed with varying lengths and widths tota [ ... ]

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Something Missing
article thumbnail

Allegan Michigan is one Michigan’s neat cities. Being the county seat of Allegan County, she has a rich history. The downtown is full of turn of the century buildings. Brick Victorian storefronts line the downtown streets. Recently I wrote about one of Allegan’s cool buildings, the M De Wri [ ... ]

Spring is Coming
article thumbnail

With the warmer weather, along with the sun coming thru the clouds, I noticed that people’s attitudes were generally better this past weekend. Including mine. I didn’t grumble or complain, nor did I kick the dog. I am starting the countdown. Days are starting to get longer. Daylight Savings tim [ ... ]

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Stormy Weather (Part 2) J8ly 25 2008
article thumbnail

The minutes pass. The darkness stretches toward you, reaching, growing, shot through with periodic bolts of lightning—and now, out of the storm’s black canvas, the grim contours of an arcus cloud begin to emerge. This is the leading edge of the storm: a shelf-like, turbulent formation—visu [ ... ]

First Colors of Spring in Michigan

It’s happening. Michigan’s annual procession of spring wildflowers has begun at last. In April, all it takes is a day or two of blue skies and warmer temperatures for the waiting buds of bloodroot, spring beauties, hepaticas, trout lilies, anemones, and other jewels of the hardwood forest to ope [ ... ]

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