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Postcard from Casnovia

postcard3I came across this postcard the other day and found it interesting. I thought I would make it the subject of a post. The front of the postcard has a picture of a tree lined street and the words beneath it read:

I wish you would come and join us,

I know you would like it great;

For the people here are friendly,

And the town is up-to-date.

The post card  dated 1-7-15, has a 1 cent stamp, and is postmarked from Casnovia Michigan. On the back of the card is a note, handwritten in pencil. The message is very faint, but reads as follows:

Hello Jessie,

How are you this day? Hope you are feeling better. I have a severe headache to night, dad and George are over today and brought a bag of gears, will see you soon, so good bye.


Old postcards provide a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era. I will share a few more with you in the future.

Written by Dave.

Lake Express vs. the Badger

badger2One of the things on my summer’s to do list is to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. I have seen both from the shore and I am trying to decide which one to experience.

The Lake Express leaves from Muskegon Michigan three times a day and arrives in Milwaukee Wisconsin after an estimated 2 ½ hour crossing time. The cost is $128.00 round trip for adults, $117.00 seniors, and you can bring your car for $165.00.

The Badger leaves Ludington Michigan for Manitowoc Wisconsin twice a day with an estimated crossing time of four hours. The cost for the trip across Lake Michigan on the Badger is $121.00 round trip for adults, $104.00 for seniors and cars are $154.00.

The Lake Express is a little faster but also a little more money. The Badger has more nostalgia. I understand parking is free for the Badger. I am unsure if that’s the case for Lake Express. One other difference is that Badger allows you to take aboard your own food and the Lake Express does not.

I am wondering if anybody has been on both and can comment about your preference. Or share your thoughts on one or the other.


Written by Dave.

Montague’s Pumpkin Fest

pumpkinWhile reading our local paper today, I noticed an announcement for a pumpkin roll in Montague this weekend so thought I would check out what else is happening.

Well, I found there are all sorts of pumpkin related activities, but what caught my eye was that the pumpkin pies start arriving at 9:00 for the pumpkin pie judging. I would certainly want to be on hand for that!

There is pumpkin painting, carved pumpkins on display, a bake sale and free hayrides.

After the pumpkin roll down the hill on Dowling street, there is pumpkin bowling.

So, it sounds like a fun time for all you pumpkin lovers! For a complete schedule check out  White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

Written by Dave.

Lakefront Living

Lakefront living is one of life’s simple pleasures. It provides an ever changing source of delight for the eye.

From watching a solitary fisherman in the cool silence of the morning to the last water-skier in the evening, there is always something happening on the lake.

To me, I receive much pleasure from catching sight of a jumping fish, the gracefulness of a duck as they propel thru the water and the family of ducks as they boldly come on shore without invitation. I only wish they would not leave anything behind.



Written by Dave.

How to have People look up to you.

lowlandersMany years ago, after purchasing our first home on the waterfront, the seller said to us “Congratulations, you will love being a highlander”. I had no clue what he meant.

He explained there are two types of waterfront property owners: the highlanders and the lowlanders. The highlanders are those who live on the higher bank of the lake or the river. They overlook the waterfront. The lowlanders on the other hand, are those who live on the level of the lake or the river. There are advantages to both.

Highlanders often have the advantage wonderful panoramic views of the water and surrounding area. They can observe the activities on the water, without having it right in their back yard.

Another advantage to being higher up is that there is generally less noise from the water traffic. Jet skis, water skiing, as well as a pontooning can generate noise that can travel over the water. Lastly, when your home or cottage is higher that than the level of the water, there is more privacy from water traffic looking directly into your home in the evening.

Lowlanders have the advantages of few or no steps to contend with prior to or after accessing the waterfront. Homes level with the waterfront can be very picturesque and serene.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I have been a highlander and a lowlander. What do I enjoy the best? Being a midlander.

Written by Dave.

Storm on the Lake

I got caught in the storm. This time I was happy to have my camera with me.


Written by Dave.

Night Life

lakeatnight2One of the pleasures of living on a Michigan lake is that there is always something to watch. In the cool, early morning hours there are the fisherman patiently waiting for the big one. As the sun warms the day, you see the skiers being pulled by speed boats and pontoons circling the lake at a leisurely pace. As I listen to the laughter while I work in my office overlooking the lake, I wonder, “What do these people do for a living that can spend their day out on the water?”

In the evening, there are those who enjoy a quiet late night cruise. One warm summer evening I was practicing my flash photography skills and this picture is the result. It may never make the photography textbooks, but I kind of like it. And I probably gave the boaters something else to talk about.

Written by Dave.


bugsI have never been an admirer of bugs. I always felt they were a nuisance and I would step on them or swat them without a second thought. But, this summer I have been experimenting with taking close up pictures of flowers and in the process have had a few close encounters with bugs.

I did not take pictures of bugs because I was impressed by the bugs. They were on the flower, so I just took their picture to add a little variety to what I was shooting. But, when I downloaded the pictures and saw the bugs magnified many, many times, I was amazed. I had not seen the brilliant colors or the intricate detail. I had never really looked closely at a bug.

Living on a Michigan lake, we see a variety of bugs. I know this particular dragonfly is not unique to the waterfront, but I do know from now on when I see a bug, I will look at it a lot closer!

Written by Dave.

Digital Moments

My computer is running pretty slow right now and I blame it on the multitude of pictures I store on it. Yes, I know I should store them elsewhere, but somehow, I just never get around to it.

Today I was going through my pictures to see which ones could be deleted and I decided the reason I have so many pictures on my computer is because living on water I find so many ‘digital moments’. Digital moments are those times when the lake is so calm it is like a mirror, or the clouds are billowing up over the lake, or the colors of the sky are so incredible that I have to run out and take a few pictures.

While going through my pictures today, I came across this one. While a picture never does justice to the colors of the sky, I thought I would share with you one of the reasons I love living on the lake.



Written by Dave.

Summert Afternoon

We are not the only ones who enjoy a summer afternoon at the lake.


Written by Dave.

Sailing at Sunset

We were out on the pier on Lake Michigan the other night enjoying the sunset, when this sailboat crossed the horizon and completed the picture.


Written by Dave.