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I always enjoy paying a visit to the area of Holland, located along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Ottawa County.

Originally settled by a group of Dutch immigrants under the leadership of rev Albertus Van Raalte in the mid1800ís, Holland is located on the shores of Lake Macatawa. After settling into Holland, the industrious Dutch dug a cannel in 1860 connecting Lake Macatawa to Lake Michigan. The landmark Big Red lighthouse is located along the south side of the channel, adjacent to the lakeside community of Macatawa.

You canít help but notice the Dutch culture; beginning with the Victorian Dutch architecture in the historic neighborhoods. The Dutch heritage is celebrated annually in May when hundreds of thousands of visitors invade Holland for Tulip Time. The Windmill Island is another popular tourist spot, as well as the bulb gardens, displaying brilliant the brilliant flowers that make the Netherlands famous.

Along Pine Avenue there are several interesting works of art http://waterlandliving.com/index.php/2009/04/08/1049/made from junkyard scrap by Padnois recycling.

Holland is the home to Holland State Park, a wonderful park on the north side of the channel. A walk on the pier, a swim in Lake Michigan, or climbing the dune is the perfect way to celebrate a warm summer Michigan day.

Just to the north three miles on Lakeshore Drive, one will discover Tunnel Park, a county owned park named for the tunnel you walk through to access the Lake Michigan waterfront. This time I got some great shots of the sun setting reflecting of the walls of the tunnel. I felt like I was in the right place at the right time.


Written by Dave.