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Racine Boat Manufacturing

Racine Boat Manufacturing Company was one of the many boat builders in Michiganís rich history of boat manufacturing. Named after its original location in Racine Wisconsin, it relocated to Muskegon Michigan after experiencing a devastating plant fire in the Racine location.

Much like what is often done today, Muskegon offered several financial incentives to entice the rapidly growing business to their city. This, combined with the fact there was no room to expand in their original location, helped the company make the decision in 1904 to move from their Wisconsin location to 59 E. Western Ave. in Muskegon.

At the turn of the century, Racine Boat company became one of the largest boat and engine manufacturers in the state.   In 1912, Racine Boat Manufacturing Company  merged with several other firms, such as Truscott Boat Manufacturing Co., to form a conglomerate named National Boat & Engine Company.  That firm closed its doors 1915.

This advertised boat was an 86 foot beauty, whose price was marked down to $2,200.00 for a boat show. They had a smaller, 28 foot model for a modest $1,200.00. A Speedabout for $300.00 was also available, as well as several models of rowboats, canoes and sailboats


Written by Dave.