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For some reason, a few weeks ago I began thinking about those famous Fricanoís pizzas and I knew I had to have one. It had been many, many years since I had indulged in one, so one beautiful summer evening, my wife and I traveled to Grand Haven to enjoy the sunset and a Fricanoís pizza. And we were not disappointed  by either one.

Fricanoís has been a Grand Haven landmark for decades and for good reason, the pizza canít be beat. Itís thin crust and tasty toppings make for an economical and satisfying meal that makes you want to come back for more. The topping choices are limited, but with this pizza, you just donít need a lot of choices. The simpler the better is the key here.  I know of nothing in West Michigan that can compare to this pizza.

The restaurant has a very large and loyal following, which is evident by the lines of people waiting   by both the front and back entrances. The line moves very quickly though, thanks to the efficient kitchen staff.

The atmosphere at the Grand Haven Fricanoís is also something that makes you want to come back. The building probably has changed very little since opened in 1949 and has a down home, motherís kitchen feeling. The wait staff are friendly and many have been working there for years.

Along with the original Grand Haven Fricanoís now serves its famous pizza in Comstock Park, Kalamazoo, Holland and Muskegon.


Written by Dave.