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Something Missing

Allegan Michigan is one Michigan’s neat cities. Being the county seat of Allegan County, she has a rich history. The downtown is full of turn of the century buildings. Brick Victorian storefronts line the downtown streets.

Recently I wrote about one of Allegan’s cool buildings, the M De Wright Block located at the corner of Trowbridge and Locust streets. This proud Victorian building boasts a beautiful corner turrent. The building still enjoys a healthy life as Minnie Sophronas Restaurant.

When I found this postcard in northern Michigan, I wondered exactly where this cool building was located. If it had survived its hundred year history, it had to be on a once prominent corner.

The other day while driving thru Allegan,  I decided to check out this building. It was easily an easily recognizable landmark. It is located at 140 Hubbard Street on the corner of Brady, on the opposite side of town as the M. De Wright building.  Currently housing a dance studio, this red brick gem is showing signs of age, but still retains the majority of its character.

What is sadly missing is its tower. It’s hard to know from the postcard, but it looks as if  it may have had a clock, or perhaps the name of the business on the tower.

What makes me curious is how a jewel like this could lose her tower. Was it a storm? Perhaps neglect? If you know let me know, I would appreciate hearing from you. That would be a good story.




Written by Dave.