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onionsWell, a recent visit to the Farmerís Market certainly brought home the fact the summer is gone and fall is here.  No more strawberries, blueberries, sweet corn or peaches.  Now itís pumpkins, mums, apples and cider.  The vendors are bundled up against the cold, and probably finding itís pretty hard making change while wearing mittens!

But, it is a beautiful sight to see rows and rows of baskets of apples, the big orange pumpkins, onions, and mums of every color.

As I was walking around the Traverse City Farmerís Market this fall, I was amazed at the variety of apples gown right here in Michigan. Most vendors had listed what each variety was good for, eating, applesauce, baking etc. Many offered samples to help you make your selection.

It worked for me. I left with a big bag of crunchy apples and, of course, a gallon of apple cider.

Many Farmerís Markets close the end of October, so make it a point to get to one soon!

Written by Dave.