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Hello Old Man, How are you getting along? Are you ever going to write to me? It seems pretty cold here. We are all well. George is going to strike out to hunt a job before long. Charley and Sade started to Penn. the next day after I got here. I was up to Sidney’s Friday. Would be glad to hear from you. E.N.W”.  Post marked Dec. 5, 1911

I wonder if George found work as a logger? Lumbering was big business in Michigan in the early 1900s, so he probably could have found work as a logger quite easily.

I was a little surprised when I saw this postcard. I’d read before that because logs were big and heavy and difficult to move, loggers would pile them up on a sled and wait until winter to move them, but never knew that they piled them that high. I guess you couldn’t be afraid of heights if you were a logger!

Even though logging is not big business in Michigan today, we still enjoy the beauty of our many, Michigan trees and October is a great time for a color tour. Enjoy Michigan now!


Written by Dave.