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Sunrise Over the Bay

grandtraversesunriseMy wife and I recently traveled to Traverse City on a chilly, cloudy Saturday. It would not have been our first choice of days to go weather-wise, but we had an appointment there that day so really did not have much of a choice. As always, I threw the camera in the car “just in case”.

As we turned the corner and saw the bay,  the sun suddenly appeared between the clouds over the bay. It was a spectacular site, so I quickly turned the car around and looked for a place to park and snap some pictures. As is often the case, in the few minutes it took to find a spot to park and get out and walk around,  the clouds changed and the colors became a little more subdued.  But, despite that, it was a beautiful site and we had fun taking pictures.

Two things that never cease to amaze me with their beauty are Michigan sunrises and sunsets over water.  Many times I have thought there would be too many clouds for a sunset or sunrise, only to find the sun poking through the clouds and providing a spectacular light display. The beauty of a sunrise or sunset over water is you get double the display, as all of  the pinks, purples and golds are  reflected in the water.

There still is plenty of time to enjoy a sunrise or sunset over a Michigan lake!

Written by Dave.