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Free Lunch

thefreelunchI was reading one of my favorite blogs, FMF , and a post caught my eye. It has to do with people enjoying free food samples at a local food store. Now, who doesn’t enjoy free tasty samples? I do. One of my favorites is Fresh Market, a local specialty grocery store that caters to the higher end lines of foods.

But, I have to share a story. Recently I was talking with a gentleman about Northern Michigan waterfront real estate. The topic of the Cherry Republic came up. The Cherry Republic is a popular Northern Michigan specialty store featuring all sorts of cherry products. From the predictable, such as dried cherries, jams and jellies, to the imaginative, such as cherry ketchup and cherry BBQ sauce, Cherry Republic has it all.

He told me every time he is in the Traverse City area he takes his wife and three children for a pit stop at the Cherry Republic, where samples are in abundance all day long. He always makes sure the timing coincides with lunch. For some, there may such a thing as a free lunch. And, a delicious one at that!

Anyway, my wife and I love the Cherry Republic hot salsa. That’s right hot salsa made with Michigan cherries. You have to try it. You may become hooked as we are. Rather pricey at $7.95, but well worth it. We pick up a case of it each time we are in Glen Arbor . Special pricing when you pick up a case of twelve, you pay for ten. I like thinking I am getting a bargain!

Written by Dave.