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Grand Haven Pronto Pups

prontopupsEarlier I wrote about frankfurters, or as they are sometimes known, Pronto Pups. At that time I mentioned the familiar Grand Haven landmark, the Grand Haven Pronto Pup stand. The last time I was in Grand Haven I did not stop to try one out, but I knew that was something I had to do before the summer was over.

Well, that time came and I was not disappointed. I enjoyed every bite!

While some corn dogs have a rather thick, cornmeal type of coating, the Grand Haven Pronto Pup was just right, light, crispy and flavorful.  For only $1.75, a fair price.

While waiting for my dog to be cooked, yes, it was cooked right before my eyes! No waiting in a steam table here!  Anyway, as I was saying, while I waited for my dog be cooked, I talked a bit with the proprietor. He told me the stand has been in the family since his father opened it in 1947. He took over the stand about 30 years ago.  The stand will close after Labor Day, but we know come spring, there will be long lines of people eager for their first Pronto Pup of the season!

Written by Dave.