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The Fairman Block

Hello Sister,

I got the letter, it is a dandy day here and I have made thirty cents this for noon and will make sixty more this afternoon. Got a letter from bro Fred this morning and one from mother the other day. I will answer your letter tomorrow, so good by till I write.

Bro Carl

This postcard with itís intriguing message, is dated Sept. 22. Unfortunately, it is impossible to read the year, but because of the type of card it is, we can assume it was between 1901-1907.

The picture you see on the postcard is of the Fairman Block in Big Rapids, Michigan. The building was built by Ferdinand Fairman in 1880 and from the postcard we can tell that the corner store housed Fairmanís Drug Store. Today the corner store is home to Fairmanís Apparel, a womenís apparel shop owned by the great and great-great granddaughters of Ferdinand Fairman.

The next time you are in or near Big Rapids, be sure to check out this important piece of Big Rapids history.



Written by Dave.