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Belding Michigan

If you like history and old historical buildings, you will love Belding. Located on Belding Rd (M44) in northern Ionia County, Belding is a sleeper when it comes to history and places of interest.

Driving through town you cannot help but notice the towers on the turn of the century industrial buildings. All located along the banks of the Flat River, these former silk mills have become landmarks to the community, paying tribute to the rich heritage of the area.

The most striking tower is located at the corner of Bridge and Main Street. This clock tower, which was built in 1903, has four clock faces with cast iron Roman numerals and wooden hands. The tower  is now showing some signs of  age. It is missing some windows, has peeling paint, brick that is deteriorating and the long overdue building maintenance are all signs of an uncertain future. Thatís a shame. Belding should save itís tower and cause itís chimes to ring on the hour and half hour again.

Yes,  they still build clock towers today.  Occasionally  you see them  on a schoolís campus, a shopping center, or wherever an architect wants to make a statement. But, they do not even remotely come close to stature of this handsome monument that towers over this Michigan City.

For more about the rich history of Belding visit the Belding Chamber of Commerce website. They have done a nice job with it.

For a little more background about towers, check out Wikipedia about Clock Towers.

For a little more of my perspective about Belding, stay tuned for more.



Written by Dave.