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A Friendly Livery!

Livery: Websterís online dictionary defines livery as: a concern offering vehicles (as boats) for rent.Ē One interesting livery is located on Water Street, just off M37 in downtown Newaygo.

At a recent visit by Waterland Living to Wisnerís Canoes on the Mighty Muskegon, we discovered that this family business of 39 nine years had humble beginnings as a pickle shack. Today we consider it to be one of Newaygo Countyís coolest places.

When you approach the livery, you are greeted by a kaleidoscope of colors everywhere you look. Colorful inner tubes are on the roof, mountains of yellow tubes on the side of the building, trailers of brightly colored kayaks and yes, the canoes. Racks and racks of red and blue life jackets add to the festive atmosphere. Buses painted in bright colors are waiting to make their next run. We are sure all the school buses in Newaygo County hope this is where they get to go when they retire! All the colors and different shapes and lines are a photographers delight.

Upon entering the office, we were quickly and warmly welcomed by Rachel, a member of the Wisner family. It was evident to us that Rachel loves watching people from all areas and walks of life enjoying their trip down the river. ďI just love my workĒ, Rachel told us. She really did not have to tell us that, it was very evident. Her enthusiasm is contagious and by the time we left we were wishing we had a job just like hers! Everyone at Wisnerís wants you to have a wonderful trip down the river.

You have several options to chose from to travel down the river; canoes, kayaks, rafts, tubes or fishing boats. You also have a choice of a 2 hour or 4 hour trip. They will bring you up river and you can drift down. And, they assure me that no one has ever been lost.

As large blocks of the Muskegon River shoreline below the Croton Dam are undeveloped, there is plenty to see and enjoy as you make your way down the river. Fishing in the spring and fall is very popular and colors along the riverfront are spectacular in October.

Wisnerís is open 12 months of the year. I am not sure it is for me, but for those of you that love our Michigan winters, a trip down the river in late December or January might be just what you are looking for.

 Special attention is given to small groups, church groups and families, so be sure to give Wisnerís a call when planning your next event.

Having loved the Muskegon River area for many years, and also as property owners, we have three requests for you as you float down the river: Please do not leave your trash in the river or on the shoreline, canoe wisely and have fun!

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Written by Dave.