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We are all about Michigan lakes. Life on, in and near Michigan's lakefront brings a richness that rewards for a lifetime. Have a story or comments on your experience? You can be one of the first to share it with the world on our Michigan lake directory.
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Boating Reminders

boatingrulesHere is a reminder of some of the boating rules when using one of Michigan’s lakes.

  1. All motor boats operating after sunset and prior to sunrise must have a green/red combination light on the front (bow) and a white light on the rear (stern).
  2. All watercraft are required by law to operate counterclockwise around the lake.
  3. All watercraft pulling a skier, tuber, toboggan, etc., are required to have on board an observer and a 170” mirror.
  4. Please do not drive under the influence of alcohol. It is against the law and is dangerous.
  5. All watercraft must observe the “slow no-wake” rule within 100 feet of swim areas, swimming or diving docks, launching ramps, anchored or drifting boats and diver flags.
  6. All motorized boats, sailboats twelve feet or longer, and rowboats over sixteen feet must be registered.
  7. All watercraft must have on board a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (pfd) in good serviceable condition for each person on board. Watercraft under sixteen feet must have one type l,11,111,or lV for each person, Boats over sixteen feet must have one wearable type l,ll or lll for each person and have at least one throw able type lV.
  8. All passengers must be seated in a seat. No riding on the deck or the gunnels

Written by Dave.