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Roadside Produce Stands

roadsideproduceAmong the many advantages of living in Michigan is the abundance of fresh fruit available this time of year. Thanks to the lake effect climate and the sandy, fertile soil, Michigan is one of the major fruit growing states in the country. And that is very evident as you travel along the major roads near the lakeshore in the summertime.

There are roadside produce stands every few miles. The stands range from large buildings filled with fresh fruits, vegetables and plants, to a table set up on a farm, selling just one product.

For us, no summertime trip along the shore is complete without a stop at one of these stands. Nothing beats the taste of fresh summertime produce, and as soon as we get into the car with our purchase, we have to give it a try. So, depending on the season, we are enjoying fresh, sweet cherries, juicy peaches or tart, crunchy apples as we travel home.

The next time you see one of these stands, stop and enjoy. Not only will it taste great, it is good for you and for the Michigan economy.

Written by Dave.