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White Birch Trees- Northern Michigan

whitebirchI was going to write you a letter Sunday but had company and now it is Wednesday so will drop you a card. Have so much talking to do. Donít have has much time to write as when I was alone. We are going to the cemetery this afternoon. I have a nice lot of flowers to take. Write and let me know how you are. We have not heard about the reunion yet. Mother.

Postmarked Sept. 3, 1914

Have you ever had that? You intended to do something on Sunday, and suddenly it was Wednesday? I have that nearly every week. It seems as if time flew by as quickly in 1914 as it does in 2009.

I like the picture on this postcard. I always appreciate the beauty a White Birch tree. Whether in a forest or in someoneís lawn, the White Birch always stands out.

I read that Native Americans often used white birch when building their canoes and also used the bark in the construction of their wigwams. I think using the white birch bark would make a rather attractive wigwam.

Hmm..I may have to consider siding my house with it! Well, maybe not. It would probably be pretty high maintenance.

So, take time to enjoy a Michigan lake, and while you are out and about, try to spot a few White Birches.

Written by Dave.