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faucetI was talking with a cottage owner this week and he was so enthusiastic about the weather this fall. The reason? He could still plan weekend getaways  at his Northern Michigan cottage. He feels  any weekend at his cottage is a good weekend. It gives him something to look forward to during the week. I suspect we all can agree with that.

He has not yet closed up the cottage for the season, but this is going to be the week. When talking to him, I was reminded of an earlier post I wrote about closing down the cottage. One thing I often overlook when getting property ready for the winter is cracking open the outside water faucet.  I guess I donít readily see it, so it is often over looked.

And while it is easy to forget, it is important. If the waterline leading to the outside spicket slopes towards the outside of the cottage, water trapped at the faucet can freeze and split the faucet. That, of course, adds to the expense and headaches of opening up in the spring.

Written by Dave.