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A Lakefront Wedding

Last week a small gathering of friends and family had the privilege of witnessing a lakefront wedding.

Instead of the formal church wedding with all the detail and formality, the couple chose a lakefront home with beautiful view to start their new life together.

Somehow, this seemed so right to us.

Their vows were spoken at the landing on the top of the stairs leading to the lakefront. The newlyweds did not want to make a photo appearance on the blog, so we will respect that. It was a wonderful wedding.

Just to put in a plug, the couple chose Snyders BBQ in Big Rapids to cater the event. The food was great, the smoked beef brisket being a favorite at my table. I understand it is a 24 hour process that makes this meat so tender and tasty .

Congrats to John and Amie. May your future be as bright and blessed as the day on the lake.

Written by Dave.