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Now Be Careful

carefulAug. 18, 1915 “Sweet Marie, I am having a good time. Nelson

It seems as if the phrase “Now be careful” on the front of this card has been around for many years. They were saying it in 1915!

How often has someone said that to you? How often have you said it to someone? You probably can’t count the times. But you know, when I am leaving the house, climbing a ladder, or whatever I am doing, it feels good to be told to be careful. It means someone cares.

I like the way this pair is gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. I like the way he is gently easing her boat out into the water. And since he told her to be careful, and I am quite sure he kept his eyes on the lake until she returned.

One thing I notice that is missing from the boat is a life jacket. If life jackets had been available to the public in 1915, I am certain he would have made sure she had one. It would have given him a little more peace of mind.

And, it should you too. Always make sure that when you go out on your boat you are abiding by the Michigan DNR life jacket requirements. U. S. Coast Guard statistics state that 90% of the people who drown in boating  or water related accidents could have survived if they were wearing a life jacket.

Now be careful, and take time to enjoy a Michigan Lake!

Written by Dave.