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Take Your Trash with You

trashLast year I posted on Put Your Junk Back in Your Trunk. So often whether in the Michigan woods or along the lakefront, I come across reminders that I am not the first person to be here enjoying the outdoors.

There have been so many times I see a shot I want with the camera, but first I must go and remove the crushed beer can, or other discarded bit of trash.

I do not understand what these inconsiderate people are thinking when they leave their trash behind. Most, if not all, public access sites have trash receptacles readily available, but if you are really out in the wilds and there is no receptacle, my motto is, “ If you can carry it in, you can carry it out.”

So, this is just a gentle reminder to take those few steps to the trash receptacle, or before leaving the woods, take a few minutes to pack up what you brought in. The next person will be glad you did!

Written by Dave.