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Summertime Toys on the Loose

lostjetskiWell, it happened again. I woke up recently to see another jet ski bobbing lazily along in the middle of the lake. Obviously, someone had once again failed to secure it adequately the night before. We often see teenagers on the jet skis, so someone probably got into a little trouble with Dad!

The water, usually filled with activity, was quiet. Nothing was there but the jet ski. There was something sort of lonely looking about that jet ski out there alone, kind of like a child whose friends have all left him to go play with someone else.

Actually, as I think about it, I don’t believe I have seen as many boats on the water this year. I am not sure why, maybe because of the cool weather people have not been out on the water as much, or maybe as the summer progresses people get a little more careless and I will see more later.

Whatever the reason, I am glad I haven’t seen as many. It can’t be much fun starting your day retrieving your boat or jet ski. But, this always serves as a good reminder to check and double check the security of your watercraft!

Written by Dave.