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Ready for a Move?

movingfromthelakeThe other day I ran into an old aquantice. He is a younger gentleman who used to show up for a breakfast group Iím in. I have not seen him for some time and thought maybe his schedule had changed.

After some chit chat, he explained he had been thinking of moving. My first thought was to ask him what state he was moving to. A place where the financial climate was better? Perhaps a place where the winters were warmer and sunnier?

No he explained he wasnít leaving the state. After all, he had been born and raised in Michigan. He met his wife and started his family in Michigan. His family and friends are in Michigan and he has a good position in the financial services sector. He came to the conclusion that he and his wife could really live pretty much anywhere in the state. At least anywhere within a two hour drive of Grand Rapids. All they needed was a phone line and a high speed internet connection.

They had been considering a lake side community. They had been visiting as far south as South Haven, as far north as Traverse City and everywhere between. He is leaning a bit to the Ludington area.

He felt they were young enough to make a move, and why not live along the big lake.

Talking to him really got me to thinking, do I live where I really want to? How about you? Do you yearn to wake up in the morning and have your first cup of coffee looking out at a lake or river? Or, do you prefer the solitude of living up north in the woods? Are you in a small town and yearn for the excitement and culture in a big city? Or, are you tired of the noise and traffic of the city and would love to live in a small town?

Whatever your dream, now is the time to explore it and make it a reality.

Written by Dave.