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I Can’t Believe It

blackberry3I can’t believe it happened again! A few weeks ago, having been overcome by a bout of spring fever, I decided to get some exercise and enjoy the fresh spring air by mowing the lawn. But, just like last year, try as I might, the mower would not start. After finally giving up, I called the repair place. It seems as if many others had the same problem because they told me it will be four weeks before I can pick it up.

Last year I put a reminder in my Blackberry to get the mower serviced on March 1. Since that time, I replaced my Blackberry with a new one. That entry did not get transferred over to the new one, so the mower remained in the garage until spring.

My Blackberry is the most useful tool I have. The phone is great! I get coverage in nearly every area I travel to. I can text people, take pictures, surf the net, enter an appointment on the calendar, set an alarm and a host of other things that I may never use.

As great as the Blackberry is, it is only as good as the information I put in and what I do with the information I put in. If I put something in the calendar and never check my calendar, it doesn’t do much good.

So, I guess I had better stop writing for now. My lawn is beginning to look like a foreclosure, so I am going to get on the phone and see if I can borrow a mower.

Written by Dave.