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Did You Lose Something?

floaterIt seems that every year during the summer season I will notice something floating by. No, I am not talking about a duck or other wildlife, although I appreciate nature very much.

Every season, someone’s boat floats by unattended. I have seen everything from a loose canoe, to some one’s ski boat. Last year I noticed someone’s Jet Ski floating by.

This year, even though it is not yet Memorial Day, the floating parade has started. Early one morning when the water was perfectly calm and crystal clear, I noticed what appeared to be a flat wooden structure floating by. I expected to see Tom Sawyer aboard, but after looking a bit more closely, noticed it was just a piece of dock quietly floating by.

Who knows how it happens, but it does make an interesting subject for my camera. Tie up your toys, secure your docks and enjoy the season.

Written by Dave.