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We are all about Michigan lakes. Life on, in and near Michigan's lakefront brings a richness that rewards for a lifetime. Have a story or comments on your experience? You can be one of the first to share it with the world on our Michigan lake directory.
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Spring Cleanup

cleanupWell, we have been counting the days, and now it is almost here! Warm weather! And with that, comes that time when it becomes necessary to get the yard back in shape. With the winter gone and the ice melted, everyone will be out working on the lakefront.

Depending on your lake, some sides get more of the debris that seems to come from nowhere. From last yearís leaves, twigs, water paraphernalia and even the occasional discarded diaper, it always seems like everything drifts ashore. I have even see a lawn chair or two caught in the debris along the shore.

But, whoís complaining? Itís spring and the work is even enjoyable. Itís good to be outside again. Itís good to feel the warming sun on our back and on our face. Itís good to look out over the water and see other property owners cleaning up their waterfront. We know the hours put into the shoreline now will pay off in hours of enjoyment this summer.

Itís spring and itís time to enjoy the Michigan waterfront life.

Written by Dave.