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Ice Breaker

icebreakerOkay, I know this is not an award winning photo. I hesitate to even post it. It was one of those moments that I wished I was a little quicker, had my camera closer and had a better lens and tripod at my side. But, enough of my excuses.

It is a shot of a lakefront owner who procrastinated getting his boat out of the water prior to the ice forming on the lake. Watching him breaking a path in front of his pontoon with his iron rod till he could reach clear water was humorous to watch, to say the least.

But, before I extol the virtues of timeliness in getting the boat stored for the winter, I must admit that a few years ago I found myself enlisting the help of my wife to do the same thing.

Since this gentleman is a neighbor of mine, I am grateful the shot is not that clear! I hope he does not find out he is the subject of today’s post.

As for the better lens,  Christmas is coming and I hope my wife reads this post!

Written by Dave.