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Election Day

sampleIt seems as if the campaign has been going on forever, but Election Day is here at last. Did you vote? If not, are you planning on voting? It is the right and responsibility of every citizen to vote, to do something, rather than do nothing and complain about our country and itís leaders. Voting is a privilege that we as Americanís must never take for granted.

The polls open before sunrise and I suspect many will be in line even before the polls open to exercise this right to vote. Many say the results will be close. It may be a late night of result watching. We may even have to wait until morning to hear if our candidate won.

Tomorrow morning I will be grateful that all the political ads will be gone, as well as the phone calls about this or that issue. Mostly I will be content when all the political signs, banners and bumpers stickers are gone.

But for today I will enjoy another Michigan sunrise and be thankful for the country I call home.

Written by Dave.