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The End of the Road

roadendsLife is an wonderful gift from God. It is full of opportunities and challenges. It has its shares of ups and downs, twist and turns. Sometimes we are surprised by the events of our lives.

At times, much like driving down the West Michigan roads, there are signs informing us of what is on the road ahead of us, merging lanes, oncoming traffic, construction ahead, warnings to expect slowdowns and a host of other signs.

I was traveling on an unfamiliar road the other day when I came up to a “Road Ends” sign. When you are on your way to a particular destination, the last sign you want to see is a “Road Ends” sign. Coming upon that sign means you have taken a wrong turn, or you are just plain lost.

That sign got me to thinking about life. In life can you can also come upon a “Road Ends” sign. If you let it, it can be a bleak time filled with disappointment, confusion and discouragement. But, always keep in mind that sometimes we need to come to the end of our road before we can enjoy the opportunities that are not a part of the road we were on.

To enjoy the lake, you must get off the road.

Written by Dave.