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peony1Right now we have 4 bouquets of peonies in our home. Some of the flowers are just picked, others ready to drop their petals. Each one represents a different day’s cutting. We have a line of peony bushes behind our house in a place where we cannot see them, so every evening my wife goes out and cuts the flowers that opened that day so we can enjoy them in our home.

I must admit, it does something for the house when these flowers are setting around and I do like peonies. Peonies are not a wimpy flower. They are big, bold and beautiful. And every once and awhile while working at my desk, I catch a whiff of their fresh fragrance.

Peonies are always a good choice when you are thinking of planting in Michigan. In the spring they produce giant fragrant blossoms and when they are done blooming, they are an attractive bush with deep green foliage.

The plants are very hardy. The ones I have do very well, even in our hard clay soil. They are easily propagated. All of our bushes came from roots systems given to us by friends or family and they all are large, hardy bushes.

So, when you landscape that dream home or cottage, or just want to brighten up your back yard, consider peonies.

Written by Dave.