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Antique Fairs

fairIf you are an antique collector, this is your time of year Nearly every weekend you see advertisements for some sort of antique sale or fair.

Antique hunting is a lot like a treasure hunt. You have to have a sharp eye and lots of time to find those unique little treasures that are hidden away in some corner or on the bottom shelf.

Recently I went to an antique fair. I had not been to an antique fair for several years and found not a lot had changed. It is still fun to find that little, or maybe big, something that just calls out your name. Or, to find the perfect gift for someone special. And antiquing is a lot like real estate. If what you want is priced a little more than you want to pay, just tell the dealer what you want to pay, and you just may get yourself a deal.

There is one thing though, thatís really scary about antique fairs. That is when I see a toy for sale that I played with as a child!

Take some time this summer to check out an antique fair. You just donít know what you will find!

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Written by Dave.