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Memorial Day

memorialdayMemorial Day. What comes to mind when you hear those words? The beginning of the summer season? A day of barbequing and fun in the sun? Memorial Day sales at the mall? A day off work?

Sadly, most of us, myself included, forget the real meaning of Memorial Day. Oh, yes, we know what it’s all about, but so often we don’t think of those who saw the horrors of war and gave their lives for our country. We forget about the families who got the devastating news that a spouse, a parent, a brother or a sister would not be coming home.

I think it is time to express our appreciation. If you see someone who served our country in the Armed Services, take time to thank them. If you know someone who lost a family member in a war, tell them you are thinking of them and thank them for their sacrifice. And, let’s not limit expressing our gratitude to Memorial Day. Anytime you see a veteran or someone currently serving in the Armed Services, express your gratitude and thanks!

I found a website on Memorial Day It is worth checking out.

Another very worth while site with an interesting story: Bugles Across America

Written by Dave.