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bugsI have never been an admirer of bugs. I always felt they were a nuisance and I would step on them or swat them without a second thought. But, this summer I have been experimenting with taking close up pictures of flowers and in the process have had a few close encounters with bugs.

I did not take pictures of bugs because I was impressed by the bugs. They were on the flower, so I just took their picture to add a little variety to what I was shooting. But, when I downloaded the pictures and saw the bugs magnified many, many times, I was amazed. I had not seen the brilliant colors or the intricate detail. I had never really looked closely at a bug.

Living on a Michigan lake, we see a variety of bugs. I know this particular dragonfly is not unique to the waterfront, but I do know from now on when I see a bug, I will look at it a lot closer!

Written by Dave.