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We are all about Michigan lakes. Life on, in and near Michigan's lakefront brings a richness that rewards for a lifetime. Have a story or comments on your experience? You can be one of the first to share it with the world on our Michigan lake directory.
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Night Life

lakeatnight2One of the pleasures of living on a Michigan lake is that there is always something to watch. In the cool, early morning hours there are the fisherman patiently waiting for the big one. As the sun warms the day, you see the skiers being pulled by speed boats and pontoons circling the lake at a leisurely pace. As I listen to the laughter while I work in my office overlooking the lake, I wonder, “What do these people do for a living that can spend their day out on the water?”

In the evening, there are those who enjoy a quiet late night cruise. One warm summer evening I was practicing my flash photography skills and this picture is the result. It may never make the photography textbooks, but I kind of like it. And I probably gave the boaters something else to talk about.

Written by Dave.