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How to have People look up to you.

lowlandersMany years ago, after purchasing our first home on the waterfront, the seller said to us “Congratulations, you will love being a highlander”. I had no clue what he meant.

He explained there are two types of waterfront property owners: the highlanders and the lowlanders. The highlanders are those who live on the higher bank of the lake or the river. They overlook the waterfront. The lowlanders on the other hand, are those who live on the level of the lake or the river. There are advantages to both.

Highlanders often have the advantage wonderful panoramic views of the water and surrounding area. They can observe the activities on the water, without having it right in their back yard.

Another advantage to being higher up is that there is generally less noise from the water traffic. Jet skis, water skiing, as well as a pontooning can generate noise that can travel over the water. Lastly, when your home or cottage is higher that than the level of the water, there is more privacy from water traffic looking directly into your home in the evening.

Lowlanders have the advantages of few or no steps to contend with prior to or after accessing the waterfront. Homes level with the waterfront can be very picturesque and serene.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I have been a highlander and a lowlander. What do I enjoy the best? Being a midlander.

Written by Dave.