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Lake Express vs. the Badger

badger2One of the things on my summerís to do list is to take the ferry across Lake Michigan. I have seen both from the shore and I am trying to decide which one to experience.

The Lake Express leaves from Muskegon Michigan three times a day and arrives in Milwaukee Wisconsin after an estimated 2 Ĺ hour crossing time. The cost is $128.00 round trip for adults, $117.00 seniors, and you can bring your car for $165.00.

The Badger leaves Ludington Michigan for Manitowoc Wisconsin twice a day with an estimated crossing time of four hours. The cost for the trip across Lake Michigan on the Badger is $121.00 round trip for adults, $104.00 for seniors and cars are $154.00.

The Lake Express is a little faster but also a little more money. The Badger has more nostalgia. I understand parking is free for the Badger. I am unsure if thatís the case for Lake Express. One other difference is that Badger allows you to take aboard your own food and the Lake Express does not.

I am wondering if anybody has been on both and can comment about your preference. Or share your thoughts on one or the other.


Written by Dave.