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Postcard from Casnovia

postcard3I came across this postcard the other day and found it interesting. I thought I would make it the subject of a post. The front of the postcard has a picture of a tree lined street and the words beneath it read:

I wish you would come and join us,

I know you would like it great;

For the people here are friendly,

And the town is up-to-date.

The post card  dated 1-7-15, has a 1 cent stamp, and is postmarked from Casnovia Michigan. On the back of the card is a note, handwritten in pencil. The message is very faint, but reads as follows:

Hello Jessie,

How are you this day? Hope you are feeling better. I have a severe headache to night, dad and George are over today and brought a bag of gears, will see you soon, so good bye.


Old postcards provide a fascinating glimpse into a bygone era. I will share a few more with you in the future.

Written by Dave.