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To Seed or not to Seed

I was gone for a few days over the weekend and when I returned home I was amazed at how much things had changed while I was gone.

The daffodils grew several inches, the crocus are blooming and buds are beginning to form on the trees.

After taking time to appreciate the new growth, my eyes went to the deplorable condition of my lawn. Our soil is mainly very hard clay, making it difficult for grass to form good roots. Iíve planted a lot of grass seed over the past several years, and none of it seems to taken off, so this year I plan on doing some research into the best kinds of grass to plant in this type of soil. Yes, I know that the best time to plant grass seed is in the fall, but for some reason, last year the snow fell before I got around to working on my lawn!

Iíve read that the best remedy for improving clay soil is aeration and to add gypsum, which breaks up the soil and allows for better drainage, so I guess that might be a place to start before planting the seed. If you are having the same problems I am, your local Extension Office may be able to give you advice on what grows best in your area and your type of soil.

And, if all else fails, I can always go with sod. But, for now, I am not ready to pay for grass that someone else has planted!


Written by Dave.