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Michigan City

michigancityYes, this site is still devoted to Michigan places and lakes, but today I am going to venture out a bit and go to Michigan City, Indiana. I figure this is acceptable because it has Michigan in it’s name and this is such an interesting postcard.

The world of postcards is fascinating and I find that many postcards cause more questions than they provides answers. This postcard is one that I found particularly interesting. First of all, look at that picture. Where did they find all those men in hats? And then the message on the postcard really has me wondering. “Gone but not forgotten. You won’t know there ever was a Michigan City 100 years from now.” It is signed “J.J.”  

The card is postmarked Feb 16, 1909, just a little over 100 years ago and was sent from a small town near Michigan City, Indiana.

Well, I went into Michigan City’s website and 100 years after the postcard was written predicting it’s demise, the city seem to be alive and well.

Just goes to prove you can’t believe everything you read on a postcard.


Written by Dave.