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I am waiting for you

iamwaitingforyouFeb. 28, 1910

I received your card and was glad to hear from you, but it is a bit of a surprise that you are way in Marquette. I suppose you will be there the rest of the winter. We had a big snow storm about a week ago and there is very much snow now. The people can now go out sleigh riding. I had a bad cold but am better now. Hope this will find you in good health.”

The statement on the front of this card, “I am waiting to hear from you”, got me to thinking about the incredible changes that have take place in communication since this card was written. We don’t do a lot of waiting to hear from people these days. If someone doesn’t answer their cell phone or our email quickly enough, we text them. And, as soon as we hear from them, we hit delete.

We check peoples Face Book to see what is happening or stay in touch through Twitter. We can communicate with many people with only one entry.

Now, I am not against technology. I couldn’t run my business without effective communication and it is a great way to stay in touch. But, since I started the “Postcards from the Past” segment, I am always amazed, these people must have treasured their postcards. They treasured hearing from friends and family. They enjoyed the beauty of the picture on the front of the postcard. They saved them and probably looked at them often throughout their lives.

Things have changed, but people have not. People still enjoy a surprise. Surprise someone you care about today. Send a special email just for them, or send a fun text. Or better yet, send them a postcard!

Written by Dave.