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One Morning

icelakelightAs I was about to head out one cold morning last week, I noticed the colors in the sky were beginning to look particularly interesting. So, of course, I grabbed the camera.

I was approaching a nearby lake when the sun began to rise, so I stopped at the lake to see if I could capture the sunrise. 

While shooting the sunrise, I noticed this malfunctioning streetlight, glowing an amber color, reflecting the colors of the rising sun. A large icicle had formed on this streetlight, and to me, this picture captures the silent coldness I experienced that early morning on the lake.

 I am not sure why there was an icicle on this particular light post, there were no icicles on the other lights.  For that matter, this was the only icicle I saw that day.  But, it was beautiful and a great way to start my day.

If you keep your eyes open and are always on the lookout for the unexpected,  there will always be something new to experience on a Michigan lake!

Written by Dave.