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Tax Day

teabagsToday is April 15, and of course, everyone knows what that means. TAX DAY!

But this year, in many locations, it is more than just a day that is the deadline for having your taxes filed. It is more than just a day with late night lines at the post office to make sure the return is postmarked before midnight.

Today is also TAX DAY TEA PARTY Day!

On December 16, 1773, in what is known as the Boston Tea Party , Colonists donned Indian costumes and boarded 3 British Tea ships and threw the cargo into the Boston Harbor to protest being taxed without representation.

Today, April 15, 2009, in many cities and towns across America, Tax Day Tea Parties are being held to protest the U.S. Governments excessive spending of our tax dollars. People around the country are taking to the streets, some dressed in period costumes, to express their disapproval of what our government is doing.

If you would like to find a Tax Day Tea Party near you, you will find a list on Google Maps .

I am hoping all the Tax Day Tea Parties are peaceful. Nothing can be accomplished with violence. Tea Party History

Written by Dave.