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Painted Trees

treepaintRecently I came home and found that someone had vandalized some of the trees in our front yard. The culprit used a fluorescent blue spray paint and left an unusual series of X’s and O’s on the trunks of the trees. Not only was our property attacked, but so were many of our neighbors.

This type of action is certainly unacceptable in my opinion. When I confronted the culprit, they were unremorseful. DTE, the local power company had come through and marked certain trees for trimming. Although from past experience, I know they don’t trim, they lop. 

I understand their desire and the need to maintain their lines from possible storm damage and power outages. They claim the right to trim all growth within 10 feet of their lines in any direction. To me, that seems extreme.

Every morning as I pull out of our drive, I notice the blue paint on our old hemlock that they left some two years ago, and now refreshed.

It seems as if they could use some sort of a mark that is a little less ‘in your face’ and a little less defacing.

I wonder how they would feel if I sprayed their poles or one of their towers with a big blue X.

Written by Dave.