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Holey House

woodpeckersI have a problem, a big problem. I am under attack, or rather our home is under the attack, by woodpeckers. They love to come and just peck at our wood siding. We literally have holes in our siding that woodpeckers have spent hours and hours working on.

They are not fussy, they are satisfied to peck on any side of the home and have done just that. No part is safe from these persistent pests.

I did some investigation on woodpeckers by turning to the web, starting with Wikipedia on Woodpeckers. After checking out a few other sites, Get Rid of Woodpeckers and Ehow on Woodpeckers, I am learning that this is a common problem for homeowners and not an easy one to elimate. The woodpecker’s drumming (pecking) is to create noise to attract a mate. I will withhold my comments on that activity. They are instinctly looking for insects within the wood siding.

If you have had any personal experience with this and have solved the problem, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Written by Dave.