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Michigan Potholes

potholesJust when you thought it was safe to venture out on the roads after a Michigan winter, a new threat rears itís ugly headÖ..MICHIGAN POTHOLES!

I was cruising along enjoying the sunshine last week, when suddenly I felt as if the earth had dropped out from under me. I thought for sure Iíd fallen into a sinkhole, but when I looked back, it was only a pothole. But, a big pothole it was!

After that with all my tires and teeth intact, I slowed down and watched the road a bit more closely. I saw that the road was peppered with those ragged edged holes, many looking to be well over 12 inches deep. This many potholes probably makes the job of our law enforcement officers more difficult. They have to try to determine whether a driver who is driving erratically is under the influence or just trying to avoid potholes.

According to the MDOT website, potholes occur when snow and ice melt as part of the seasonal freeze-thaw cycles. So, itís no wonder we see a lot of them in Michigan!

For some interesting info including how potholes are formed and how to report them, visit the MDOT website on Potholes.

In keeping with the theme of this site, I did a search to find if there was a Pothole Lake in Michigan. And, sure enough, I found a North Pothole Lake in Kalkaska County.  I am not sure how it got itís name, but here is a survey of the lake.

And, as you drive around those potholes, remember that they are a sure sign of spring!

Written by Dave.