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Boat Show

boatshowticket2Having just come back from the local boat show, I am proud of my new purchase: a Riviera 4400 Sport Yacht. What a deal, priced at only $796,573.00!

Just kidding. I made no purchase at the show. Every offering seemed to offer deep discounts and boat show specials. The question I was asking is, “Are boat shows a good place to make a new purchase?” The boat dealers would say yes, but the experts have a different story. Check out Buying a Boat at the Show . Boat shows are excellent places to gather information, ask questions and compare units side by side.

There are a lot of good, informative sites on the web. The one I like the best is Discover Boating. Check it out.

There are more upcoming Michigan shows. See WaterLandLiving’s Upcoming Show List.

Written by Dave.