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tcbay1There are places for lunch or dinner that everyone knows about; Mc Donald’s, Burger King and the like.  You know what you are getting, you know how the food is going to taste. You have experienced the fast food and the “friendly and polite” service at every location. You know what I am talking about, so I do not need to say more.

But, sometimes there is a place for trying something with real personality and ‘not so fast food’. There is always something about a place that is fresh and interesting and displays the entrepreneurial Michigan spirit of making a business work that makes me want to support it.

There is a mom and pop joint on US 31 in Acme, “That’s a Pizza”, that is just such a place. It is a growing establishment with a couple of other locations with surprisingly good, actually, VERY good food. Having been there by myself and with others, I found that this place is no fluke. It has consistently good food and genuinely nice, friendly people.

The Chicken Black Bean Wrap for under $6.00 is one of the special items I enjoyed. Try them for yourself.

That’s A Pizza 

5430 US31 N,


Read what others say: “That’s a Pizza” Reviews.  Perhaps I should have taken a picture of my dinner or of the restaurant, but I didn’t. So I am including a shot of the sunset over the icy Grand Traverse Bay.

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Written by Dave.