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House Moving

acrossthelakeA few summers ago, our neighbors decided to build a new home on their lot. Their lot was large enough to split into two sites. Instead of tearing down the existing home, they decided to move it to the newly created parcel.

We had a front row seat of watching the engineering feat of moving a house. It was interesting how the movers first lifted the home and placed wheels under it. Then a bulldozer towed the home to its new foundation.

We all a have seen pictures of a house going down the street. What caught my attention of a house that was moved across over the of ice White Bear Lake, a Minnesota lake. This Story is worth reading.



One Response to “House Moving”

harmonsmith says:

I moved my house. The building was of 1946 construction and remains 55’ long by 34’ wide. The structure weighed some 225 tons (450,000#), roughly half a million pounds, the two story, brick veneer structure had to be moved some 165’ from its original lot to another contiguous property and raised some 20’ higher than it had been. It was under the supervision of Wolfe. They made my moving experience a memorable experience.

Written by Dave.