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Waterland Living Policy

cleaningsupplieswaterlandA bit of housekeeping today! From time to time Waterland Living has presented articles on products, services, restaurants and businesses. When we have done this, it is because we have found them to be of interest to us and hope that they will be of interest to you.

We have not received any type of financial incentive to do so. No, not even a free lunch! That to me that would seem like advertising and there are venues for that. If we did receive something, we would disclose it in the article.

At times we may have a presentation by a guest that we find interesting and feel  has value. Again, we hope you would find the same. It should not be considered a recommendation or an endorsement, unless we state that.

Now, if Porsche Corporation has an interest in having a post on our site, we would consider making an  exception for the title to a Boxster. I will let you know if that happens.

If you have a suggestion for a post on this site, please let me know.   .

Ok, I felt this had to be said. Enough of this.  We will be back to another  Michigan subject tomorrow.

Written by Dave.