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Apple Cider

michiganappleciderOne of my favorite things about fall in West Michigan is the delicious apple cider produced by our local orchards. Sipping a tall, cold glass of cider fresh from the orchard is pure enjoyment.

On a recent trip to the local farmers market, perhaps my last visit for the season, I wandered past the hardy vendors braving the chilly wet morning to display their fall produce of potatoes, onions, carrots and bright orange pumpkins. I passed by the freshly baked cookies, bread and pies and headed straight for those enticing gallons of apple cider. Mmmm…just looking at them made me thirsty!

I made my purchase and headed for home, wondering all the way what I was going to do all winter without fresh cider.  Yes, you can buy cider in the grocery store, but it is just not the same as buying it from the orchard that pressed it.

I was told that It takes about one bushel of apples to press out three gallons of Apple cider. Well, that got me to thinking about making cider and wondering if this was something I could do myself, so I went into the internet and checked it out. After reading four pages of instructions, I decided I might just settle for the grocery store variety!

As I think about that, I might just go back and pick up a few gallons from the orchard and freeze it for later.

Written by Dave.